I find few things sadder than meeting a woman who feels awful about how she looks. I have yet to find a woman who isn’t actually breathtaking in her own way.

Yes, the culture has drilled us with the idea that tall, skinny, blond girls with disproportionately large breasts are beautiful. But in reality that does not apply.

Women that fit those descriptions still suffer from low self-esteem. The media tells them that they fit the norm of beauty, and should be being regaled with attention. But, unless they put themselves out and have a confident and exuberant persona they are noticed as little as any other wall flower. Ones physical body plays a role in attracting lovers, but a small one, the real factor is confidence.

I’m not saying be the loudest person at the party, or believe you are a sex bomb. I’m just saying be comfortable with who you are. One of the sexiest things is someone being comfortable in their own skin. If you feel like that is an impossibility because you think you are over weight, then do something about that, get some exercise (sex also counts), the endorphin rush alone will get you on your way to feeling good about you.

Try putting on some music that makes you want to move no matter what, and dance naked with yourself (even if it feel silly at first), or get yourself some sexy sleepwear, you can’t help but feel sexy if you sleep in a sexy state as often as possible.

I will end this off telling you about a woman who worked for my parents when I was a child. She was by no means a small woman. She was the embodiment of a large African mama. When a delivery truck would arrive to drop off supplies, a small and easy load would take 8 men the entire day to unload, purely because she was there. They would stand in absolute awe of her beauty. I don’t think she ever had a lonely night she didn’t want. Now, as I said she was a large woman, and the only difference between her and most other large women is, she rejoiced in her womanly wobbles, heck she was proud of them!