The WOMANIZER PRO 40 is one of the absolute best clitoral stimulators and sensual massagers that I have ever had the pleasure of trying.  As the owner of Boudoir Boutique, I have the privilege of reviewing many a toy in an honest and objective manner, but, with The Womanizer Pro I cannot find a negative – it is unashamedly all Pro Pro PRO  …

So here you have it – short, sweet and straight to the pleasure point!

  • Funky, innovative design
  • Straightforward USB charging
  • 2 different clitoral suction heads/stimulators which allow for the best fit for all sizes
  • Simple operation modes offering 8 intensity levels with a push of a button
  • Super Powerful – quite a yummy, unexpected intensity as it delights and teases
  • Being a “clitoral pleasure” gal, it hits the right spot almost immediately
  • Oh my … A delicious sensation of sucking and air pressure which arouses and excites the clitoris
  • It does not vibrate, I do, and you will!
  • It provides orgasmic pleasure from ‘Oh wow’ to mindblowing!
  • I am able to use it again and again as it does not create a supersensitivity with repeated use
  • I use the suction head effectively on mine and my partners nipples for added pleasure
  • It is quiet and discreet
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Super easy to clean
  • Body friendly silicone
  • Yes oh yes, this revolutionary clitoral vibrator delivers and redelivers on its pleasure promise.

I experience multiple orgasms at the touch of a button and have not stopped recommending this absolute “value for money” toy since!

If you’re a sex toy collector, then this is definitely a unique and different sensual massager to add to your collection.

I’ll say it again, with absolute conviction, this is the best gift you can give yourself ladies…

And the best investment he could ever make for you – and of course, HIMSELF.

Click here to purchase. Completely discreet packaging and payment, and free shipping!