Pregnancy Sex = DELICIOUS Sex!

Pregnancy Sex

I have to say love making during pregnancy is absolutely delicious.

At moments I felt possessed, as I simply couldn’t get enough.

During pregnancy we have an increase in blood flow in the vaginal area, and

a higher volume of hormones pulsing through us. Naturally there will be an increase in the libido.

For some, however, because of weight gain, and tummy growth we might not enjoy sex like we used to.

As always every woman is unique.

And of course there are always questions that we want answered…



Love making is definitely safe during a normal pregnancy, unless your doctor advised you otherwise for medical reasons.

In fact it is good for us, when we orgasm we release happy endorphins, and this also helps to keep the baby happy and both of you will be in high spirits.

Also, oxytocin is released during love-making (this is literally called ‘the love hormone’) and has an incredible effect on bonding for yourself and your partner.

A question often asked by men:


No the baby cannot feel the penetration; it might be bouncing around a bit more with the movements but cannot feel the penis. The cervix is tightly shut, and your baby is protected inside the uterus, which is surrounded by amniotic fluids that protect it.

Kegel Exercises during pregnancy are definitely encouraged to assist with the preparation of birth and also the recovery after birth.

So, make sure you get a set of Ami Balls or Smart Balls from Boudoir Boutique.

And remember, with a growing tummy it might make us feel a bit insecure (although honestly there is not much more beautiful than a preggie belly)

There is always lovely lingerie to wear, and we can still dress up sexy and sensual.