Holiday Sex

Those long beach walks are beckoning! Oh, that fresh and invigorating ocean air, the sun feeding our bodies with warmth, summer cocktails, soul food and TIME – time to touch, to hold, to reconnect and to recharge our jaded lovelife!

My husband and I have been together for many years and are busy city slickers, and we look forward to our trips as the ideal opportunity to reconnect physically and emotionally.

So what do two frazzled, ‘libido and lust’-less lovers take with them on a long awaited coastal trip?

Here are some “must-haves” which are always on my holiday packing list :

Holiday Sex

  • Silicone Sleeve This allows him to hold that erection for longer since my sexual appetite increases tenfold when I separate from daily stresses
  • Shunga Geisha’s Secret Collection – These divine intimacy enhancers have everything you need to play the night away in a delightful travel-size
  • A belly-dancing skirt or Fringed Lace Teddy –  He loves it when I dance for him (especially when I do my “Coffee Grinding” move) and these two items provide all the shimmy! … I mustn’t forget to download a sexy playlist, too. I shall dance “like someone IS watching!”
  • Intimate Earth Massage OilOur favourite holiday scent is appropriately called Relax!
  • Crotchless White Boyshorts on my soon to be tanned body, an instant turn on for sure!
  • An Erotic novel he shall do the reading out loud – he has a gorgeous, thick, pronounced accent so every erotic word is intensified. It’s also great to get the juices flowing if you read a naughty novel pool-side. (We have a fantastic selection in-store at Boudoir Boutique, and the best part is, you don’t need to feel embarrassed when paying at a ‘normal’ book-store)
  • Definitely very little make up – he loves me nude, naked and unadorned.
  • A large dose of laughter J

Hmm, that covers the sensual essentials. But how about a toy? If you and your partner haven’t played with a vibe before, vacation-vibes are the best! And of course, if you are single this holiday I strongly suggest you treat yourself to one, too. There is nothing hotter than a sexually empowered woman!


Holiday Sex Essentials!

My summer time suggestion is the Lelo Ina Wave (wave…. Like the ocean…. Get it?). But seriously this play thing is super cool. It has an actual wave-motion that massages and tickles the G-Spot. Your partner will go GAGA watching you writhe in pleasure, and you will feel like the sensual goddess you are.

Bring It On! Let’s hit the road my Babe!

There is something special about the festive season that really does inspire us to get out of our tired old ho-hum rut when making love. It’s definitely the perfect time to get spicier. A little bit of preparation and a whole lot of open-mindedness goes a really long way.

Wishing you all a SEXY holiday! XXX (Even if you are having a stay-cation this year, there’s no reason why a little novelty can’t punctuate your pleasure centres… it’s time to PLAY!)