Tired Wife; Tired sex Life

It’s that simple.
I’ve had women actually cry in coaching sessions as I explain this to their partners, and the
men can’t believe that creating the space for intimacy in this way can be so effective.
Until they try it.

Add some real touch skill sets to a beautiful space to relax into intimacy, and you’ve got an
interested, vibrant and relaxed partner who can fully engage with you sexually.

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Pregnancy = DELICIOUS Sex!

Is sex safe during pregnancy?


Love making is definitely safe during a normal pregnancy, unless your doctor advised you otherwise for medical reasons.

In fact it is good for us, when we orgasm we release happy endorphins,

and this also helps to keep the baby happy and both of you will be in high spirits.

Also, oxytocin is released during love-making (this is literally called 'the love hormone') and has an incredible effect on bonding for yourself and your partner.

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We-Vibe Bloom Review – It’s BLOOMING Marvellous!

So this beautiful Kegel exercise master has different weights, vibrations modes, is chargeable, waterproof, fun to use, has great health benefits, increases libido, AND to top it all off.... your partner gets to push your buttons in a way you really want.

Remember you can also use it as a clitoral stimulator, instead of 'only' internally.


I'd say that's a five-star rating from me.

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Every Girl Has An Itch….

Lust bug, done bitten, left smitten.

My slave, my muse, my kitten…

Spanked towards a whipping

You’re one in a million… so

Let me see your vermillion.

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Come With Me – A Poem

Can you not feel the urgency of my fingertips on your skin?

The heat of my breath that burns whirlwinds of passion into your flesh?

Can you not taste the haunting anguish in the sweat that seeps from my pores?

The anguish to be one with you?

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Bring Some Sensual Stimuli into Your Boudoir!

We trust and use technological items every day of our lives to stimulate and enhance our experiences so why should our sex lives be any different? Imagine your life without your phone or the internet? I believe we are living in an age where there are no limits to what we could feel and experience within our minds as well as our bodies.
So for all the lovers out there: Open your mind, open your body.... and explore a little!

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Overcoming The Seven-Year Itch

Movies have been made, affairs have been had, Saturn returns have corresponded with the seven-
year cycle, and relationships are no exception.
Especially romantic relationships. Especially marriages.

I am an Intimacy Coach. I teach people how to have more pleasure, learn how to touch each other
and have improved sex. I have many clients who want to explore “something different sexually”
after an extended time of being in a committed relationship.
I have come to understand that most people who say that phrase actually mean, “I want to have
different sex, and the only way I can really understand that right now, is by having sex with someone

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A Lesbian Story

A woman cannot lose herself in the throes of passion through the abandonment of her feelings, rather it is in the owning of her feelings that allows for the rapture.

It is not ok to play games with my heart, my fragile and sensitive heart. Nor should I be a notch on your bed post of sexual experiences. I desire many things but I certainly do not desire to be a crusade or a sexual experiment.

I too yearn to be protected, to feel safe, to be held and told it will last forever. I too yearn for someone I can count on and trust. I too yearn to be cared for and loved… just like you, just like your mother, just like your sister, just like your daughter…

Because, although you may be too caught up in your ‘lesbian fantasy’ to notice, I am a woman too.

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Have you been touched or touched someone yourself recently?
All life’s creatures connect and respond to any form of touching, be it a slight tickle, a light brush with the back of the hand, a firm grip, a pressured, strong movement using the palm and fingers, or the close body contact of a warm embrace.

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