Get Ready for a Gala Event with this We-Vibe!

The design of this toy has two 'ears' that perfectly hug your clitoris while pulsating to your choice of setting. This creates targeted and all-encompassing stimulation, so the Gala can get you there, super fast. This is ideal for women who struggle to orgasm, and honestly in my mind is even better than the 'wand' style playthings that have been so popular for years.

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We-Vibe Bloom Review – It’s BLOOMING Marvellous!

So this beautiful Kegel exercise master has different weights, vibrations modes, is chargeable, waterproof, fun to use, has great health benefits, increases libido, AND to top it all off.... your partner gets to push your buttons in a way you really want.

Remember you can also use it as a clitoral stimulator, instead of 'only' internally.


I'd say that's a five-star rating from me.

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Hands-Free Delicious Pleasure with the We-Vibe Jive!

The Jive can be worn anywhere, doing anything. With the WE-VIBE CONNECT APP, your partner can control the settings from their phone while you’re in another room, or even in a public place. Ooo - La –La!
This experience invoked a lot of giggles I must say, creating some fun in the intimate experience with your other half.

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Swan Leaf – Garden Of Eden Needs Some Pruning

The Swan Leaf Vitality had all the right promises. A plaything so organic and so pretty I couldn't wait to pluck it up, environmentally friendly, neat, discreet and from one of our all-time-favourite and best-selling award-winning brands! (Yes, that is a lot of hyphenated adjectives but the Swan brand has earned them all....)

I am not going to go into great depths about the specifications and settings of this toy. In short, it has them all. In theory, it's perfect. What it doesn't have, and something that is quite valuable when reviewing an adult toy, is the ability to get one to orgasm effectively.

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G-Plug Rose

A Rose By Any Other Name....

I am going to go out on a limb here and state: this is the PERFECT toy for bum-love beginners.

If you, or your lady, is intrigued by the idea of backdoor play but a bit squeamish or scared, I cannot recommend the G-Plug Rose enough.

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Kissing Swan – MY OH MY!

Everything about it is absolutely perfect. From the seamless, velvety satin medical grade silicone, to its sleek curves and wondrous vibrating lips that ‘kiss’ your clitoris, stimulating it either gently or with incredible fervour. The shaft tapers in an upward curve and is anatomically designed to reach your G-spot. All the better to pleasure you with my dear, as the shaft also has a rotate setting which is pure bliss at its slowest and fastest speed.

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We-Vibe Sync – Triple the Tease, Stimulation & Sensation!

We have shared many an intimate, passionate adventure with each other since this U-shaped, flexible, yet discreet plaything has entered our bedroom. It now takes pride of place sitting in its smart white case fully charged, together with a separate Remote control, ready and waiting to join us in our next love making conquest

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The WOMANIZER PRO 40 is one of the absolute best clitoral stimulators and sensual massagers that I have ever had the pleasure of trying.  As the owner of Boudoir Boutique, I have the privilege of reviewing many a toy in an honest and objective manner, but, with The Womanizer Pro I cannot find a negative – it is unashamedly all Pro Pro PRO  ...

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